Creativity is my type of freedom...

The creative space is occupied by the few who see the future and embrace it as the wind blows firecely in the opposite direction...
we are the windbreaker!

'cause design is not 1 click boom...

Digital Design

Beyond words, effective communication starts here. The voice and digital presence of your brand is the face to the world.

Web Development

It's not your parent's web now belongs to you. What you do you want to do and where to go with it begins now.

Creative Direction

Visual direction and deveolpment are the ingedients of your brand's market success. 

A journey that the user takes

From start to finish, step by step
defined from where they branch from...

Growing trees for the new year...

The tree reconsidered in design to be fast, effcient and easy to navigate it many branches...but its roots are so deep...this app brings a new approach to an old stand by.

A life journey communicating messages to solve solutions that bring people together.

My role as a UXD at Microsoft Azure involved solving complex workflows for communication team members across globe.

Randy Rodriguez

Creative and Technical Services Professional

Seattle, Washington

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